melissaMotivation and inspiration are like taking a shower, you need one every single day to renew your energy and strengths to keep pressing forward in this journey called life. One of my daily rituals is to read stories that inspire me and Under30CEO is my main outlet to do that because of the quality of content. As an avid reader of Under30CEO, I came across several articles on personal development that truly resonated with me. One morning of November 2012, I came across this article on overcoming fear and making changes and as I read it, I felt like it spoke to me, which sparked an interest on finding out more about the author, Melissa Krivachek.

I remember the first time I visited her website I felt this positive energy and vibrations that I have only felt when watching a Tony Robbins video. I remember reading her story about her entrepreneurial journey and how she had overcome a very rough time in her life only to rise above and become a success coach. I remember telling myself, “It would be cool if one day I get the chance to meet her in person”.

After Under30Experiences trip to Nicaragua in April 2013, I became a contributor to Under30CEO writing about my experiences in Nicaragua, personal development, and perfecting my art of writing. By becoming a contributor I was placed in a very select group of people contributing to the success of Under30CEO brand, among those amazing people there was Melissa Krivachek. As we began interacting within the group, pitching ideas about articles and how to improve our writing, I realized Melissa was very approachable and immediately crushed this limiting belief I had on successful people not being approachable.

One day I decided to reach out to Melissa to just say hi and schedule a call with her just because, to my surprise she said yes. I remember sitting at a Starbucks after work and getting on the phone with her, it felt like we had known each other for years and we were just catching up. This is such a great feeling to have when there’s no awkwardness between two people who have never met before. We talked about one hour about her road trip through Iowa, writing, coaching, Under30CEO ideas, and some other miscellaneous stuff. It was such a great conversation.

But the conversation that I will never forget is the one where we talked about her own personal struggles in her entrepreneurial journey. I remember talking for two hours with Melissa about overcoming odds and making believers out of people who thought she was never going to make it. Melissa, you rock and there’s nothing sweeter than proving haters wrong :)

Think about this for one second and this is probably where the value of the story is.

Melissa went from having a house, car, 6-figure job, traveling, to no house and having to move to her parents house, no job, no passion, car repossessed, maxing out credit cards to make ends meet, student loan debt, in other words, Melissa was at the bottom.

What did Melissa do? Something that a lot of people don’t do. She chose not to be a victim, pick herself up, and keep pressing forward.

And this is no secret. Ask Melissa and she will tell you all about it in detail. I remember thinking as she was telling me her own personal story of struggle and success, “this is amazing testimonial of determination and resourcefulness”.

Sometimes we have to win it all only to lose it all and win it back all over again.

From hitting rock bottom to having a successful coaching practice and being featured in Forbes, CNN, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, WSJ, Under30CEO, Golf Elite & On the Cover of Evolution Magazine among countless various other publications. Melissa is a true testament of what is possible and how making a simple mindset shift can yield amazing results that will inspire not only yourself, but those around you as well.

After this heartfelt conversation with Melissa, she started coaching me one-on-one providing me with the basic principles of success that I still apply to this day. I was also one of Melissa’s group coaching members, where we applied the same basic principles but in a group setting making it more interesting and fun. Melissa made me realize how important is having a coach in the journey of success and how essential it is to surround yourself with people who are positive and smarter than you.

Melissa, I cannot THANK YOU enough for everything you have done for me and Under30CEO brand. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and being able to call you a friend……a lifelong friend who has added immense value to my life as a person and professional.


Here’s to walking together on the entrepreneurial journey. A journey of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.


Love You Amiga!




Cesar Romero